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Stump Removal

stump removal

Take Back That Patch of Lawn

When you have an expert in removing a huge tree, one of the biggest tasks is dealing with the stump. Leaving it on the ground can be an unpleasant view, and it can also be dangerous. But getting rid of the stump can be challenging and costly.

​Don’t be afraid Hempstead Tree Services is ready to serve you. We have the capability and equipment to get rid of any stump promptly and carefully, no matter how large it is.

In most cases, the stump is usually ground down to a small size or obliterated.

If you have a smaller tree removed, the stump may be left in place unless you ask to remove it. ​In either case, if you have a stump in your yard, there are several ways to remove it: 

-Stump grinding: This is the most common method of stump removal. It’s also the least expensive and can be done quickly. A stump grinder is a machine that grinds the stump down to below ground level.

-Digging it out: This method is more labor-intensive, but it may be the only option if the stump is too large to be ground down.

-Burning it: This method is not recommended because it’s illegal in many areas.

-Chemical removal: This method involves drilling holes in the stump and filling them with a chemical that accelerates decomposition.

Hempstead Tree Services can help you remove any stump quickly, safely, and affordably. Contact us today for free consultation and estimates.

Professional stump removal and grinding

Hempstead Tree Services can assist you in deciding the best choice for removing your stump and will provide a quote before starting any work. We have the expertise and equipment to carry out any size stump quickly and safely. 

There are several reasons you may want to remove a stump from your property:

  • It’s an eyesore

  • It can be dangerous

  • It can attract pests

  • It can interfere with mowing or other yard work

Call Hempstead Tree Services today if you have a stump that needs to be removed. We will provide you with the best stump removal experience. 

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stump removal

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